Carlancer PHP Script Review | | Codecanyon

Today I am writing review of Carlancer PHP Script, i have purchased this from Codecanyon. I am explaining this script bug and inconvenient part for the user who is going to purchase this script.

Very Bad experience i have had with this Php Script. I have a good profile of Buying Php Mysql script from codecanyon.


Carlancer PHP Script Review

Design : Only the design part i have satisfied for this script.

SEO : The big mistake of this Carlancer PHP Script they have had. From admin panel they have set up an option you can put SEO Title, SEO Description and SEO Keyword.
Problem is that when you filup this field with your desired Title keyword and Description. It will show up for every page, Home page, Category Page and Detail Page
As a result i am getting warning for this issue that i am using duplicate Title Description. Have a look the screen shot below. I have used Red color for your better understanding.

SEO is the big factor for your site, how people will know your site? when you have good SEO friendly site and content people will come to your site.



Details Page SEO : 

Have a look the great lack of Carlancer PHP Script by

Support for This Issue By :


Responsive : 

Front page : 

Admin Panel : 

Support : 






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